Andrea Rubalcava
period 4
March 25

  Cats are  basically A best friend .Some cats are kinda creepy and  can act like humans.They can sometimes talk in some ways that make them seem possesed,but other than that they are okay. You can buy them as kittens or as an adult cat.Buying cats is kinda difficult because you have to figure out what kind of cat you want.There are many types of cats to choose from such as a Tabby,Persian,Bengo,Calico, etc. maintaining A cat is kinda difficult because you have to feed the cat every so many hours, clean the cat poop out of the litter box, brush the cat so that the fuzz dosen't get everywhere.
   Getting the right cat depends on the personallity of the cat.Some of them are really chill and mellow, and others are extremely hyper and are pratically jumping from wall to wall.The way you can calm down a hyper cat is to get a cat laser or a little cat toy to play with them and make them tired so that they can sleep at night.In all cats are really cool pets to have around the house or even outside.

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