period 4

    Hey future Chaffey students! If you dont know what Chaffey looks like, you will today because I'm going to show you a tour of chaffey.

 A Little History about Chaffey
    Chaffey was built on October 15, 1885 by George and William Chaffey. When George and William Chaffey built Chaffey, it was going to be a university, but they changed their mind and made it a high school. Chaffey has 3,407 students. The school is approximately 65 acres long which is(260,000 m2), making it one of the largest high schools in California.

    Students think Chaffey is a bad or a scary school but it really isn't . Chaffey is a actually a really awsome school. Chaffey has many clubs like the science club , art club and even a fashion club. They also have a theater program they have plays like Grease , Peter Pan, A Christmas Carol, The Wizard of Oz and many more. There is also sports like football,Soccer, basketball , cheerleading, vollyball and softball. They're a lot more sports in Chaffey for both genders.
If you want to see some different types of activities watch the video below.
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