Intramural Football

Did you know RCMS now has after school sports? One of them being football. They also had basketball and soccer. Many students have signed up for these sports. Football had a students vs staff game and also had a game versus another school. These sports usually last for about month then they go to the next sport. They also had after school sports of the school years of 2011-2012. How do you attend these sports? What are the requirements to join the after school sports? What time do these sports end? What do you do during these activities?
How do you attend these sports? During P.E the teachers will tell the class that they have sign ups ready for the next sport. Once you sign up you're ready to play when the activity starts.

What are the requirements to join? The only requirements is to have good grades and to be respectful to others during the activity. If you do not have good grades or not being respectful they will take you out of the activity.
What time do these sports end? These intramural sports usually last about a month. When the activity ends they start the next sport in about two weeks.
    What do you do during these sports? During the activity you learn the rules and the positions about the game. The P.E instructor shows you how to play these postions. Also they teach you the basic training for these sports. The exercises can be different for a sport.
    The intramural football was a unique sport because it was the only sport we had that we played against another school. The activity was very fun for the students and to the ones who participated got a jersey.

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