What High School Are You Going To?
By: Luis

8th graders are getting ready to leave RCMS. The question is which high school are you going to? Colony, Chaffey, Alta Loma, Rancho, Los Osos, Etiwanda, Ontario, Montclair, or another high school that's probably out of California? Here are some of the schools people are going to.
Q1: What high school are you going to?
Q2: Would you rather go to another school?
Q3: Is anyone you know going?

A1: Chaffey
A2: No
A3: Valerie                                                                         

A1: Rancho Cucamonga High School
A2: "No, because I heard the education and sports at Rancho is good."
A3: Yvanna and Patrick

A1: Murrieta High
A2: No
A3: No

A1: Chaffey
A2: No
A3: Josh, Marlene, and Nate

A1: Claremont High
A2: Western Christian
A3: "No, I'm going to be all by myself. I'm really going to miss a few ppl though ;_;"

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