Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat
By: Jared
The Frankenstrat, also known as the Frankenstein, was Eddie Van Halen’s creation. Much like Mary Shelley’s book in 1818 about the true Frankenstein, the book came to life in 1978 when Eddie took the body of a Stratocaster with a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge and painted it black. Then he simply put strips of masking tape on and painted the whole body of the guitar white. That created the original Frankenstrat, but he didn’t stop there.  Due to other companies selling the same product he stopped using the guitar in public. Instead he put a black and yellow finishing, also known as the bumble bee. After much disappointment with the performance of that finishing of the bumble bee. He repainted it the original color. He probably thought to himself, “That was a waste of time” Don’t you think? After he painted it, he finally started the making finale touches. The placement of the 1971 quarter right by the bridge was an offhand addition to the guitar. Other additions of the guitar were the neck, pickup, and controls, and that right there is irrelevant and would put you to sleep. Anyways, the Frankenstrat is known to be the most famous guitars in the world and changed the way guitars are made today. A remake of the red, white, and black guitar is yours for just $25,000 that’s scary.



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