Basketball Team
Basketball is finally here at RCMS!!!! We have been waiting for quite some time now, ever since the football team was over. Basketball is a really good curricular activity for middle schoolers because once they get to high school, they at least have some experience if they join or make the basketball team. On April 18th is the Student vs Staff basketball game. Last year the girls basketball won against the lady teachers and for the guys they weren't so lucky, basketball is currently over until the Student vs Staff game.

 Students mostly prefer basketball over any sport. They say that basketball is a better sport at times to because on rainy days they go into the gym and play knockout, four on four, horse, and just a regular game of basketball. I have asked four eighth graders what are their thoughts about basketball,
Ericka said that " Some people use basketball as a way to clear their head and let go of things. Its also fun just playing your heart out and pushing yourself to succeed."
Taron said " I like basketball because its my favorite sport and fun."
Emily told me " Basketball is great because I get to hangout with friends and participate with them."
Jordan said " Basketball is fun because it might get me somewhere in life and I'm very good at it.
                     Emily                                        Taron                                           Jordan                                         Ericka
So now you know what people think about basketball. Everyone has their different opinion on this type of sport. Basketball may be something to clear your head out or just to play with friends, but in the end, its fun to play. I encourage everyone who hasn't played, or tried basketball to just mess around with it, and if you like, continue playing it. People think that basketball is a hard sport, and to some people it actually is, but if you push yourself you can become really good at it you never know. Like I always say "You never know what you like until you try it".

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