Knott's Berry Farm
By: Briana

For class of 2014's promotion field trip, R.C.M.S. will be going to Knott's Berry Farm, America's first amusement park! It will be held Friday, May 16, 2014. Everyone is most likely to go but most students with bad behavior and suspensions are not possible to attend the field trip. They are staying in a class all day with an exception of a lot of assignments. You're possible to go if you ask principals/office staff about amending/appealing to a group of teachers, principals, and etc.

Knott's Berry Farm is known for their thriller rides, historical sites, food attractions, and plays. It was found by Walter Knott and his family. Before it became an amusement park, they sold everything that had to do with berries such as berry preserves, pies, and berries. They started to sell fried chicken dinners, built shops, and other attractions to entertain visitors and tourists. After the deaths of Walter and his wife , their children sold the business to Cedar Fair. They expanded rides,more historical sites, food attractions, even did a water park - Knott's Soak City. Till this day they still continue to expanded the amusement park.

In order to attend the trip you must get of the L.O.P. list , have good behavior, and appeal if you have had a suspension or more. Students are able to make an appeal to an 8th grade Teacher Panel that will get to together on an afternoon in May to hear the testimony from the student, or staff member to consider if you are able to attend the Promotion Trip and Promotion Dance. You are unable to go if you have been suspended in your 8th grade year unless you attend the appeal panel and they allow it. They mostly allow for those students who have improved in academics and behavioral performances to attend the promotion field trip.

Just try your best during the 8 weeks we have left in order to have your fun privileges. Good Luck!!!


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