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               Have you ever been accused of something you never did?  Well I know i have it gives you an uncomfortable and bad feeling inside doesn't it. 
    Just because someone accuses you of something it does not mean you did it, they might lie and exaggerate the truth but deep down inside you know they're lying.  Sometimes people accuse you of something because they don't like you or are just afraid to admit that they were not responsible for their own actions.
         When you know someone is lying about what really happen you should speak up and say the real story, because if you don't there is a greater chance that you could be the one getting in trouble.  I know when i get blamed for something I never did it sucks and its a deflating feeling, especially when your teachers or parents blame you.  But remember there is always three sides to every story; Your story, their story, and the truth. 
        But whenever you have a problem like that the best thing to always do is be honest, and clear your name.  Remember if you don't like being blamed for things you didn't do, don't do it to other people and be sure to treat them just like you would want to be treated.
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