By: Alyssa (:

Hey there Lions!(:  You listen to music right?  If you do you probably listen to pop, rap, country, or R&B.  Well have you ever listened to K-pop?  K-pop is the abbreviation for Korean pop.  Most K-pop singers sing in groups.  There are girl groups and boy groups.  Here are some girl groups: Girls’ Generation, F(x), Kara, 2ne1, After School, T-ara, and much more.  Here are some boy groups: SHINee, UKiss, TVXQ, Super Junior, Beast, 2pm, and a lot more.  These are only some of the groups.  There are also artists who sing solo like BoA, Rain, IU, Ailee, and a lot more.  Personally my favorites are Girls’ Generation, 2ne1, SHINee, UKiss, and Super Junior.(:  You might have heard the song ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY at lunch or on the radio.  That is also considered K-pop.  Hopefully one day you’ll listen to something different other than pop or rap... like K-pop! :D


              SHINee !               TVXQ !           Girls' Generation !        2ne1 !

             2pm !                                                 UKiss !                                                       F(x) !                                                  Kara !