Nikola Tesla

By: Alejandro

In this newspaper I’ll be talking about Nikola Tesla.  Nikola Tesla was born in July 10, 1856.  He went to the school Realschule, Karlstadt (now renamed Johann-Rudolph-Gauber Realschule Karlstadt), University of Prague, The Polytechnic Institute (Graz, Austria).  He came to the United States in 1884 and worked for Thomas Edison briefly.  Thomas Edison hired Nikola Tesla to make a better version of Direct Current system.  He promised Nikola $50,000 if were to succeed and he did,but Thomas didn’t give him $50,000.  Instead, he gave Nikola $5,000 and Nikola left and started the Alternating Current verses Direct Current.  Nikola Tesla then worked for George Westinghouse.  Thomas Edison tried to make AC look bad by electrocuting animals in public and made the electric chair using AC.  AC won the war because it is better technology then DC.  Nikola also sold some patents to George Westinghouse.  In 1893, Nikola Tesla went to the World Columbian Exposition and demonstrated his AC system which soon became  the standard system of the 20th century. Two years later, he made the first hydroelectric power plant at the Niagara Falls.  In 1895 an unexplained fire started in Tesla’s Houston Street laboratory.  In this fire, he lost much of his equipment, notes, and documents.  On February 25, 1923, Nikola was using a radio and has that there were extraterrestrial radio waves.  The waves were in clicks of 1, 2, 3, and 4.  When he announced this, people disbelieved him, but Nikola continued to search for the signals.  He concluded that there are extraterrestrial life on Mars(the signals came from Mars).  Near 1900’s, Nikola began to make a tower called the ,Wardencliffe, which was to give free energy throughout the world. Investors gave Nikola money, including J. P. Morgan which gave Nikola $150,000.  Although, Nikola’s idea of free energy throughout the world did not agree with J. P. Morgan.  Morgan started saying to investors to stop investing the Wardencliffe tower.  Tesla had tried raising money, but couldn’t get the money that he needed.  In 1915, the legal ownership has been transferred  to George Boldt because of a debt.  The demolition of the tower occurred in 1917.  Nikola died at the age of 86 on January 7, 1943 and died in poverty.  before he died though, he mentioned making a death ray that would end war.  The government went into his house and took all of his work when he died.  He was that extremely intelligent, they believed him.  A great man who made our lives better.

Nikola Tesla
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