Scary Urban Legends

You guys ever heard of Bigfoot, Slender, or Aliens?

 Lets start off with the Slender Man, he is a tall, skinny, and pale. He wears a business suit. And it is told he has eight arms, and just to let you know if you see him run away as fast as you can. He was originally created for a photoshop contest but since he was very creepy, people said he was real. It is said to be that he captures children under 16 and eats them They made a video game for him called Slender, it's one of the scariest games out there. There are many different versions of this game like, The Woods, Slender, and Haunt.  I have actually played all the versions of the game and I got really scared. So if you guys want to scare yourself click here.

Bigfoot is a mannish and monkish thing (also known as the Sasquatch). Most sitings for this creature were near lakes or rivers that connect to the ocean. To the Native Americans killing one of these creatures is bad luck. Some people confuse him with bears and other large creatures like a moose. There is a popular Youtube video that shows a big foot standing behind trees, it is blurry but you can see a dark figure there moving.

Interview Time!!

Do you believe in any off these creatures?

Random and anonymous 8th grade boy: I only believe in Bigfoot.
Random and anonymous 8th grade girl: I believe in all of them.

What would you do if you saw any of these creatures?

Random and anonymous 7th grade boy: Probably record what there doing and put it online.
Random and anonymous 7th grade girl: Run way and freak out.

We don't know much about aliens other than there are a lot of conspiracies about it. One conspiracies is that the stereo typical aliens with big heads skinny bodes and are short, are humans from the future that have mastered time travel. Some people say this because in the future we will have robots to do stuff for us and we have more time to learn so are brains will expand. Other versions of a alien are said to be from mars. The scary aliens from
Alien v.s Predator are a deadly virus type of alien  There are many different moves that involve aliens, for example Planet 51, War of the Worlds, and Alien v.s Predator
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my newspaper, if you guys enjoyed I will try to do a sequel to this newspaper to review more scary urban legends. Bye.
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