Kanye West
By: Shawn
Kanye West is a famous rapper from Chicago, Illinois. His full name is Kanye Omari West. He was born on June 8th 1977 and he is 35 years old currently. He became famous when he as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records,until he eventually worked on Jay-Z’s album “BluePrint” which included Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Janet Jackson. Kanye West is associated with 2 Chainz, DJ Toomp, The Game, GOOD Music, Jay-Z, Jeff Bhasker, Jon Brion, Lil Wayne, Mike Dean, Mos Def, No I.D. Kanye West actually runs his own record label which he is associated with of course, but anyway is called GOOD Music. Kanye West released his album “The College Dropout” in 2004,and “Late Registration” in 2005 which is my favorite album. In 2007 he made his album “Graduation” which included songs “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Stronger”, and “Good Life.” Then this year he came out with his newest album which is “Cruel Summer” which was my second favorite album which included the best songs he has ever made in 2012 to me “Mercy” and “Clique.”   Personally my favorite song that Kanye West made was named “Jesus Walks” but that’s my opinion. He is in a relationship with Kim Kardashian. He has been in plenty of songs with Rihanna and Jay-Z. Kanye West has embarrassed Taylor Swift at the “MTV Awards” which I thought was very mean to do. Kanye west is working on songs with 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha - T. He has became famous in 1996. Many artist are in his label GOOD Music like Common, John Legend, Kid Cudi. Now thats all I got to say about Kanye West and I hope you liked it. There is a lot of facts in this article so I hope  you read them and read more of my articles. THANK YOU!!!!!

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