Alcatraz By Martin

    Alcatraz , also known as the “Rock” was a Prison in the middle of San Francisco Bay. It was the prison for the most famous prisoners. It is very cold there and it was nearly impossible to escape from there. It was heavily guarded by Security and even if you did past them you’d have to past the cold water of San Francisco Bay. If you made it into the Water you’d be spotted by the spotlight. Only three people have made an escape from Alcatraz. But the San Francisco Police have stated that they were never found. The Police said that they must’ve drowned in the water or freezed to death. These convicts were brothers along with one of their inmates. There names were John Anglin,Clarence Anglin,and Frank Morris. Other people have escaped Alcatraz but they were captured as soon as they were on land. Alcatraz was eventually closed down because the salt water of the San Francisco Bay was making the prison walls weaken. It is now a famous tourist attraction for the city of San Francisco. If you ever plan on going to Alcatraz make sure you order your tickets three months before because if you go to San Francisco with no tickets all the ferry boats will be sold out. That is how popular Alcatraz is. I recently went to San Francisco and all the boats to take you to Alcatraz were sold out. There are day tours and night tours. People say that Alcatraz is haunted and that you can hear the voices of those who were kept prisoner in Alcatraz. A lot of tourists get the chills when they pass by the cells of the greatest criminals in history. If you ever go to San Francisco,Alcatraz is a must visit.
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