Justin Bieber and the Hit-man                                                      By Amanda
    Hey guys! Have you heard that Justin Bieber was in a murder plot? Okay, well a 45 year old named Dana Martin has been currently in jail for strangling a 15 year old girl to death. But Dana seems to be obsessed with the young star since he has a tattoo of Justin Bieber on his leg and been sending the star fan letters which were neither been read or replied back. Anyways, Dana Martin met up with a fellow inmate name Mark Staake, and convinced Staake to help Dana in the murder plot by bribing him with money and giving him Justin’s Ferrari.

    Dana’s whole plan was to get Staake to hunt down Bieber at Madison Square Garden in New York. In addition, their plan was to find the young star and strangle him and his bodyguard with a necktie and sell Justin’s  “body parts” for over $2,500 each. Well this is all what I have to say thanks for reading Lions!~

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