Html Basics

Hyper Text Mark-up Language

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Uniform Resource Locator
The web address

A piece of software used to view web pages
Internet Explorer

Html script
To view html scripting in a web page go to
View -> View Source

Web Pages
Web pages live on a web server which can be located anywhere in the world

Web page Names
Need to be in lower case
Less than 15 characters
No spaces
Use .html as the extension

Hyper Text
Hotlinks in a web page
(the thing that you click on to go somewhere else on the Internet)

Html Tags
Tags are actions that you want the webpage to make
Tags must be enclosed in brackets <xxxx>

Html Tags
Tags are assigned <xxxx>, and canceled using the / 
<xxxx> = start action
</xxxx> = cancel action

Html Tags
<html>, </html>
Declares that the document is html

Html = Hyper Text Markup Language

Html Tags
<head>, </head>
Delineates the head of the document

Html Tags
<title>, </title>
Title of the document

Html Tags
<body bgcolor="#FFFF99">
Background color is yellow

Html Tags
<body>, </body>
Delineates the body of the document

Html Tags
<h1>, </h1>
H1 to H6 = 6 levels of headlines

Html Tags
Paragraph break, also used to show a space in between lines

Html Tags
Line break, also used to move text down one line

Html Tags
<font size=“9">, </font>
Font size is 9

Html Tags
<strong>, </strong

Html Tags
<em>, </em>

Html Tags
<font color="#0033ff">, </font>
Text color is blue

ffffff = white
000066 = blue
ff0000 = red

Html Tags
<font face=“Comic Sans MS">, </font>
Font style is Comic Sans MS

Html Tags
Horizontal Ruler – line across the web page

Html Tags
<center>, </center>
Align to the center of the page

Html Tags
<p align=right>, </p>
Align to the right of the page

Html Tags
<ul>, </ul>
Unordered (Bulleted) List

Html Tags
<ol>, </ol>
Ordered (Numbered) List<ol>, </ol>

Html Tags
Individual List Items

Html Tags
<a href=“URL”>, </a>
Hyperlink to a URL

Html Tags
<img src=“filename”>
Include image file name including the extension ie .jpeg, .gif, .tiff etc.

Html Tags
<a href=“URL”><img src=“filename”>, </a>
Image is a hyperlink