How to create a web page using basic html scripting

This page is set up so that it is copy/paste friendly. Simply copy the text below, paste it into Notepad and change the text, graphis and links.

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Here you go .......




Copy and Paste html codes


<body bgcolor="ffff66">




<p align="right">

Name goes here


period goes here


date goes here





<font size="9">The big title on the web page goes here</font></h1></em></center>

<font color="#996633">
<ul>Here is an unordered (bulleted) list</font>

<li>the first item

</li><li>the next item

</li><li>the last item



<a href="">Click here to go to Yahoo</a>


<a href="">Click here to see the RCMS web page</a>


<img src="rcms_logo.gif">


<a href=""><img src="google.gif"></a>


<font face="Comic Sans MS">This is a different font.  Are we having fun?</font>